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Build a daily writing habit while honing the skills you need to craft engaging, compelling prose.



Learn scientifically-backed techniques for finding deep, creative focus.  



Build your skills as a writer with concise, no-nonsense lessons on craft.



Find a community of writers to provide accountabilty and support.


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increased accountability, and personalized feedback on your work.


Everything in the

STARTER package,

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Establish your writing routine, hone your skills, build your community.


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an extended coaching program including a full manuscript review.


Everything in the

STARTER package,

Get started with the 6-Week Mindful Writers Challenge

Attend 6 weekly Zoom workshops (submit 5,000 words for critique)

Access over 40 Scrivener video tutorials (including live support)

Get started with the 6-Week Mindful Writers Challenge

Attend 6 weekly Zoom workshops (submit 5,000 words for critique)

Access over 40 Scrivener video tutorials (including live support)

Receive a 30% discount on all future workshops

10 weeks additional accountability coaching (after the challenge ends)

Submit 5,000 words for written notes including half-hour of private coaching

Get started with the 6-Week Mindful Writers Challenge

Attend 6 weekly Zoom workshops (submit 5,000 words for critique)

Access over 40 Scrivener video tutorials (including live support)

Receive a 30% discount on all future workshops

18 weeks additional accountability coaching (after the challenge ends)

Full manuscript review (prorated after 90,000 words) with written notes, 2 hours of private coaching



Writing isn’t a struggle for me. It’s kinda what I always want to be doing, but life gets in the way. A kid comes in or there’s some emergency and then I’m out of the writing zone and I just forget it. With this program I could lock the door and tell the kids “it’s going to be one hour.” I’d get it done for the day and it just became a habit… I’d recommend April’s program for any writer looking to get that first draft on the page. With the discipline and the feedback from the classmates, you can’t help but succeed. If you’re debating whether to take April’s class, you must. She will inspire you on a daily basis to get your but in the chair and do your writing and be creative and unlock all of your potential.


In the initial 6 weeks I went from 5,800 words to 70,000 which was my goal for this draft. I added all those words… This program is a great opportunity to learn a different way of doing things. The craft lessons alone were worth it. April was a great facilitator. She was able to provide constructive feedback that was both gentle and a good nudge where I needed to go… I really liked the self-pacing because I still have a day job to pay the bills and have a lot of responsibilities outside of work. I loved the weekly workshops both for the community and the accountability. This was a really welcoming community that helped me overcome my fear of rejection.


Even though I don't meditate regularly, practicing mindfulness before writing puts my mind in the present. It helps me to decompress and put away guilty thoughts of what I feel I should

be doing, like cleaning, or cooking… The thoughtful and thought-provoking feedback I received from my workshop group gave me the confidence to continue writing. It encouraged me and it gave me the positive critiquing I absolutely needed. Most of all it gave me a community, one who inspired me to try to meditate, read and write each day - to make each a habit. Thank you April! I have grown as a writer and am on my journey to finish my story.


What I liked most about the 6-week challenge was the format. I liked having an assignment every day. Every day of the week for the whole six weeks, I knew exactly what I needed to do every morning. The meditation helped me learn some of the patterns of my mind that I hadn’t ever had awareness around before. The pacing of the program was perfect. It was really great to have the lesson, then the five days of writing, then the day off. The thing the program really helped me with was establishing a daily writing practice and being consistent with it. Having the discipline of those six weeks really helped me to continue the practice. 


April was extremely supportive, one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met. She gave me a lot of things I’d been looking for that other courses just didn’t. They either didn’t give me enough on craft or they didn’t give it in a way that was meaningful to me, that was actually going to get the book DONE. I can’t thank her enough for everything I gained.


April’s lectures were great, both in advice regarding the craft of writing and in the practice of meditation. I never felt lectured to. I’m not sure how she did that, but it was really easy to absorb the information that she offered. April has quality training in meditation and also in the critique of our writing as her students, I was tremendously impressed. I can give it my hearty recommendation. Clear, focused, interesting, stimulating, challenging. None of these words are exaggerations. This was a very worthwhile course for me as an emerging writer.


It was a way to make another level of commitment to my writing. To say “for the next six weeks I’m going to do this.” The six weeks flew by. April did a great job of creating the materials and a curriculum. The way she led us through the program with the different themes for each week slowly took us deeper into our writing. She has a great presence.


The thing that I liked best about the program was the mindfulness aspect of it... April’s program really pushed my writing to the forefront. It gave me permission to actually block out time to do my writing and say “this is important, it’s not just a hobby.” I definitely recommend April’s program. It give you tools overcome obstacles that you weren’t even aware existed, to overcome your inner critic, and open up your schedule. I really enjoyed it.

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Your Coach

April Dávila is a novelist and writing coach.


Publisher's Weekly called her novel, 142 Ostriches, a "vivd, uplifting debut" and it went on to win the WILLA Award for Women Writing the West.


Her website, at was listed by Writer's Digest as one of the Best 101 Websites for Writers. She has taught online and in person at conferences and retreats in both the US and Mexico.


Her second novel is forthcoming.

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